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Anna’s stand improved her daughter’s struggling school. Standing together, we can lift up all of Indy’s public schools.

Opportunity for Every Indianapolis Student

Meet Tara, a third grader at Washington Irving School #14 in Indianapolis Public Schools. Tara has big dreams. She wants to be president someday. Tara’s mother, Anna, knows she needs a great education to get there. That’s why Anna joined Stand for Children – to fight for an excellent education for Tara and every child in IPS.

IPS has been making strides forward – graduation rates are up, and more is being done to give struggling schools the leadership and support they need to improve. But there’s so much more to do, and state funding cuts could stop IPS progress in its tracks and cause more kids to fall through the cracks.

That’s where you come in. Standing up with Anna and hundreds of other Stand for Children advocates, you can make a big difference.

All it takes is a willingness to use your voice to ensure every IPS student gets a chance to succeed.

Let’s take a stand together.
Watch how Anna, Krystale and Shawanda helped transform their neighborhood schools to ensure their kids are getting a quality public school education in Indy.

Anna’s Story

Stand for Children empowered Anna to stand up and push for positive change. Along with other parents, she led a campaign to improve her neighborhood school. Next school year, her daughter’s school will have new leadership and more educational resources to lift up all kids in the building.

Krystale’s Story

Krystale stands for quality public schools for all Indianapolis children. She knows that education success starts at home, where she is her children’s first teacher. Working with Stand for Children, Krystale helped lead a campaign for change at her children’s school, and now that school has improved from an F to an A-rating. Watch her story to learn more about Krystale’s advocacy.

Shawanda’s Story

Because Shawanda’s son, Marell, is autistic, he struggles with environmental changes. She feared that bold, new efforts to improve her child’s school would negatively affect Marell. Instead he’s excelling in the classroom. See how Stand for Children helped Shawanda get active in the school to ensure Marell received the support he needed.

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